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This photo was most likely taken in the 1950s while the mill was still in operation.

The race, or flume, before it fell into disrepair. It will have to be replaced.

Back side of mill

This photo was taken just prior to initial restoration.

Spring 2001

The mill showing the porch which will be restored.

Another view of the porch. This photo was taken around 1900.

Winter 2005

(photo by Mike McDonald)

Spring 2006

Fall 2006
photo by Mike McDonald

****SEPTEMBER 22, 2007...THE WHEEL IS TURNING!!!****

This is an historic event for Francis Mill. For the first time since 1976, the wheel is turning. It coincided with our Second Annual Music At The Mill, so many people got to enjoy the day listening to music while the wheel turned in the background.
Here are some pictures of that event:

The first photo was taken the moment water began turning the wheel.

photos by Mike & Barbara McDonald

June 2009: A wedding was held at the mill, so it was gussied up to fit the event.

photo by Leigh Hughes

The mill was the site of a lovely wedding on June 5, 2009.
Abby Boone and Bryan Spann chose the mill as their wedding site after volunteering here last Sept at Music at the Mill!

Spring 2012 (photo by Tanna Timbes)

Click here for pictures from the 2009, 2011 and 2013 Music At The Mill

Thanks to HCN for use of photos from their site.
Also a big thanks to Tanna Timbes for the historical photos, and Celia Miles for the 2006 Workshop completion photo.