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November 2006

“A Gift That Can Make a Difference”

After three years of fruitful work, we are now to the most critical point of the Francis Mill’s restoration- the wheel. Having consulted with many experts on the issue, the Board of Directors has determined that we will need outside help to get the current wheel removed and a new wheel installed.

In order to help fund this enormous task we have begun the “Bucket – Up for the Wheel” Campaign. For $100 you can have a bucket named in honor or in memory of someone. Those names will be included on a plaque that will be inside the mill and available for all to see when they visit the site. There are only 92 buckets available so go ahead and reserve yours today.

This year give a gift that can make a difference for future generations by helping the Francis Mill attain the goal of becoming an educational site. For more information please contact Tanna.

2006 Summer Workshop Report

The 2006 summer workshop was a tremendous success. Not only did we finish up several of the outstanding projects left from 2005 but we were also able to complete several new projects that are easily visible. These endeavors include:

• Set concrete footers for the flume supports
• Built and erected supports for the flume
• Repaired the supports for the summer beam
• Installed siding on the South side
• Began installing batten strips over the siding
• Began construction of the front porch.

All of these tasks have created a sense of accomplishment among the many participants. The large supports for the water race are most recognizable, but the combination of all these projects has yielded a visual milestone to help track our success.
Many thanks to all of those who helped with the workshops!
A special “Thank you” goes to Heritage Conservation Network and Jeff Finch for their expertise!

Membership Information:

The following membership report includes only those who have made contributions between January and November of 2006. If you feel your name has been accidentally omitted please help us correct that mistake. If you have given previously and do not find your name on this list, we hope that you will consider rejoining the Society. Your membership plays a major part in our efforts to restore this piece of our history.

Levels of Membership

Students $10,
Friend of the Francis Mill-$100,
“Carpenter” - $500,
“Miller” - $1,000

Membership Report from 2006:

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Boone
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Byers
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Caldwell
Barbara, Hayes and Patsy Crawford
Mr. Jerry Donahoe
Mrs. Eileen Francis
Mr. Charlie Jacobs
Dr. Alan Lenk
Dr. and Mrs. Reid Locklair
Mr. & Mrs. James Lougher
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Mackey McKay
Ms. Malinda Messer
Celia and Louis Miles
Mr. Lou Mogavero
Mrs. Bette Sprecher
Mrs. Ginger Szenas
Ms. Priscilla Tomilson
Tim and Tanna Timbes
Ms. Nancy Wade

In Honor Of:

Mr. Jerry Donahoe
By: Jerry’s 70th Birthday Party Friends

In Memory Of:

Mrs. Adeline Patrick
By: Nan Lou Langdale
Mr. Charlie Sloan
By: Evelyn Coltman,
Tanna Timbes
Mrs. Geneva Clark
By: Tanna Timbes
Mrs. Kathy Williams
By: Tanna Timbes

Special Grants:

Bethel Rural Community Organization
Haywood County Community Foundation
Corporate Sponsor
Mast General Store

Please send your updated information and membership to Francis Mill Preservation Society, 14 Hugh Massie Rd, Waynesville, NC 28786.

Thank you for your interest and support in helping restore and preserve the Francis Grist Mill for future generations.

*For a Holiday treat, drive by the mill at night. Bring your camera!

* If you would like to do your shopping at the Francis Mill there are few long sleeve t-shirts, denim shirts and caps are available. We also have a selection of “The Francis Mill” by Ann Vasilic.