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2005 Summer Workshop

Plans are currently underway to host another workshop this summer at the Francis Mill. The workshop will again be led by Mr. Jeffrey Finch, an architectural historian with the National Park Service. If all goes as planned, the entire first and second floors will be secured and the external siding be replaced. This year’s workshop is being scheduled for the weeks of July 18-22 and July 25-29.
If you would like to assist with the restoration efforts or help provide meals for the participants please contact us at (828) 456-6307 as soon as possible

Grant Update

We are very pleased to announce that FMPS has been approved for a $2,500 grant from the Society of Industrial Engineers. These funds are designated to help secure the necessary materials for the restoration effort. However, we are required to match the grant dollar for dollar. Thus, if you have not recently renewed your membership, please take this opportunity to do so.

National Registry Status

Johnston Design Group, an architectural firm based in Greenville, South Carolina, has agreed to work with the Francis Mill Preservation Society to gain recognition by the National Registry of Historic Places. The firm will be completing the application process with the services of Amanda Starcher, their Historic Preservation Specialist. The National Registry process will have the Francis Mill up for statewide approval in October. We are very optimistic about its chances and hope that it will be accepted into this prestigious designation shortly thereafter. (Unfortunately this plan did not come to fruition)

Memorials Received:

Captain & Mrs. Richard Boone
By Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Daniels

Mrs. Edna Crawford
By Barbara Crawford

Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Francis
By: Tim and Tanna Timbes

Mrs. Jennie Mogavero
By: Tim and Tanna Timbes

In Honor Of:

Mr. Jerry Donahoe
By: Rosemond Donahoe, Christine Major, Lynn Donahoe, and Lisa Muto

Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Daniels
By Tim and Tanna Timbes

Membership Report:

Mr. & Mrs. Andy Abramson
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Abston
Ms. Linda K. Alexander
Ms. Glenda Armstrong
Ms. Glenda M. Arrowood
Mr. & Mrs. .Gerald Blaylock
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Boone
Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Boone
Ms. Mary Alice Boyd
Ms. Carolyn Breece
Ms. Wanda Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burwell
Ms. Hettie A. Casey
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Coltman
Ms. Barbara Crawford
Mr. Hayes Crawford
Ms. Patsy Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Daniels
Mr. Jerry Donahoe
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Edwards
Ms. Shirley Embody
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Floerchinger
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Fowler III
Ms Tracy G. Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. David Francis
Ms. Dorothy Francis
Mrs. Eileen Francis
Mr. Joe Francis
Mr. T.L. Francis
Ms. Cleta S. Franklin Mrs. Deborah-Ingle Garland
Ms. Amanda Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy High
Ms. Jean Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Howell
Mr. Charlie Jacobs
Mrs. Betty F. James
Mr. Michael Jones & Ms. Judith Powers
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Langdale
Ms. Christine Linn
Mr. & Mrs. Reid Locklair
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Gary McKay
Ms. Theresa Marchese
Mrs. Celia H. Miles
Mr. Lou Mogavero
Mr. & Mrs. .Mack Noland
Mr. & Mrs. David Nelson
Mrs. Sandra Cooper Owen
Mr. Larry Peters
Mrs. Patricia Ramsey
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Redding
Ms. Patsy A. Rogers
Ms. Joan B. Routh
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sloan
Mr. & Mrs. .Don Snyder
Ms. Bette Hannah Sprecher
Ms. Amanda Starcher
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Timbes
Mrs. Brenda Traynham
Ms. Nancy E. Wade
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Walton
Mr. Kyle Weeks
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Williams
Mrs. April Wilson
Patton, Morgan & Clark Insurance Agency
Hardtimes Imageworks
Wellness Therapies INC.
(June 1, 2005,)

Levels of Membership

Students $10,
Friend of the Francis Mill-$100,
Corporate-$250, Historian-$1000

Send updated information and membership to Francis Mill Preservation Society, 14 Hugh Massie Rd, Waynesville, NC 28786 Also, please help save postage and send your email address to Tanna at timbes1@earthlink.net

Open House and Craft Fair

To benefit the restoration of the Francis Mill
June 24 and 25, 2005
Call 456-6307 to register to participate or for more information

Thank you for your interest and support in helping restore and preserve the Francis Grist Mill for future generations.