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September 1, 2004

Summer Workshop Summary

As anyone who drove by during the recent two week workshop could tell you, a lot of work was done by a lot of people. Some of the highlights include the demolition and replacing concrete pads supporting the new posts, preparing the five posts and the 27’ main beam with mortises and tenons. Everyone agreed that the main highlight occurred on Friday afternoon when a crane donated by Mackey McKay lifted and placed the giant hemlock beam into place atop of the five new white oak posts.
We would like to take this opportunity to once again say thank you to all those who participated. Jeff Finch provided a wealth of knowledge and oversight which assured us that things were being done properly. The workshop participants spent nearly 800 hours in all working on the various projects. Some of these were tedious and painstaking, but nonetheless, everyone gave it their all. The community showed tremendous generosity in assisting with the many meals. Participants from other parts of the country commented that the food alone made the entire trip worth while! Finally, we thank the many local businesses who participated for their patience, expertise, and generosity.
A special thanks goes to SPOOM for the grant and to Heritage Conservation Network for helping get the workshop all together!

You are invited to drop by the Francis Mill for an “OPEN HOUSE” on September 18, 2004 from 10 – 2 to see the progress!

What’s next?

Plans are now being finalized for a return Heritage Conservation Network workshop to be held next summer. Tentative dates are the last two weeks in July. We expect the next course to focus on repairing the second floor posts and beams while also replacing the exterior siding. Afterwards, we will lack the reconstruction of the water race, wheel and internal components before we have a fully operative Francis Mill.
Our task for the next year is to build community support and raise funds for building materials and other costs of restoration. If the FMPS had not had the support of members we would not have been able to have the successful two week workshop. During the workshop we had to rent and buy many extra tools and building supplies which were necessary for the restoration. Those tools and supplies totaled over $1,500.00.

Mill Prints

We are very pleased to announce that prints of Ann Vasilik’s painting of the Francis Mill are now available. Please contact Tanna if you would like to purchase this beautiful piece of art. (These would make great Christmas gifts.)

5 X 7 - $10.00
8 X 10 - $15.00
11 X 14- $75.00
16 X 20 - $125.00
T- Shirts
* We can order more t-shirts and polo shirts if anyone is interested. You can also call Tanna for shirt orders.


This September Jerry Donahoe, Lou Mogavero, Tim and Tanna and will attend the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills Annual Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in order to thank the members of SPOOM for their generous grant which paid Jeff Finch. They will also attend workshops which will benefit our Francis Mill.

Membership Report:

(As of September 1 2004)
Ms. Linda K. Alexander
Ms. Glenda Armstrong
Ms. Glenda M. Arrowood
Mr. & Mrs. .Gerald Blaylock
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Boone
Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Boone
Ms. Mary Alice Boyd
Ms. Carolyn Breece
Ms. Wanda Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burwell
Ms. Hettie A. Casey
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Coltman
Ms. Barbara Crawford
Mr. .Hayes Crawford
Ms. Patsy Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Daniel
Mr. Jerry Donahoe
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Edwards
Ms. Shirley Embody
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Floerchinger
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Fowler III
Ms Tracy G. Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. David Francis
Ms. Dorothy Francis
Mrs. Eileen Francis
Mr. Joe Francis
Mr. T.L. Francis
Ms. Cleta S. Franklin
Mrs. Deborah-Ingle Garland
Ms. Amanda Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy High
Ms. Jean Hodges
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Howell
Mr. Charlie Jacobs
Mrs. Betty F. James
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Langdale
Ms. Christine Linn
Mr. & Mrs. Reid Locklair
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Gary McKay
Mrs. Celia H. Miles
Mr. Lou Mogavero
Mr. & Mrs. .Mack Noland
Mrs. Sandra Cooper Owen
Mrs. Patricia Ramsey
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Redding
Ms. Patsy A. Rogers
Ms. Joan B. Routh
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sloan
Ms. Bette Hannah Sprecher
Ms. Amanda Starcher
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Timbes
Ms. Nancy E. Wade
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Walton
Mr. Kyle Weeks
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Williams
Mrs. April Wilson
Patton, Morgan & Clark Insurance Agency
Hardtimes Imageworks
Wellness Therapies INC.

In Memory

Donations have been received in memory of the following:
Adeline Patrick by Nan Lou Langdale
Don Kelly by Terry Kelly

*If your friends and neighbors have not joined the FMPS; please invite them to help restore the Francis Mill. Indicate their membership level and include this form along with a check made payable to Francis Mill Preservation Society, 14 Hugh Massie Road, Waynesville, NC 28786

Levels of Membership

___ Student $10
___ Individual $25
___ Family $50
___ Friend of the Mill $100
___ Corporate $250
___ Historian $1000

Or perhaps you would like to make an additional contribution of $_______ to help preserve the Francis Mill.

I am willing to help with the mill’s restoration in the following ways:

___ Publicity
___ Fundraising
___ Workday
___ Providing Meals for Work Crews

Please send your email address to Tanna at timbes1@earthlink.net

Thank you for your interest and support in helping restore the Francis Grist Mill for future generations.